"The most pleasurable experience with a Renting Agency"

I highly appreciated "Interhouse" team (Lars Pennings and Marjolijn Kortekaas) support and assistance. They as a team uniquely combine high professionalism with absolutely friendly relationships they establish with clients.

What i found very valuable in my case was their highly ethical, not promoting, not disturbing way of working and always readiness to give professional advise, fastly adjust search criteria etc.. Very flexible in adjusting to situations (e.g. i have a small baby, so viewings of my old apartment for other tenants should be taking into account baby's schedule - which "Interhouse" team has very smoothly managed to make). I have managed to find new property for rent (matching all my criteria) with "Interhouse" team after only 1/2 day of viewings, which i believe is best indication of their professional work with clients".

Ekaterina Ganyushkina

WER Premium Portfolio Manager Region Western Europe, BAT Amstelveen

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