Successful investing by buying to let

Everyone wants their savings or capital to be as secure as possible. In addition to a sound return, it is at least just as important that there is a guarantee of retaining your money. Investing in property has long been the most profitable and secure option. You can earn a sound return by buying to let.

Why invest in real estate?

  • Investment in equities is risky and intangible. Your money can simply evaporate,but this is not the case when you invest in property;
  • Other financial savings/investment products are also often risky, intangible and offer low yields, but this is not the case when you invest in property;
  • The value of your money in the bank can only decline given current interest rates on savings and levels of inflation;
  • When you buy a property you have a tangible possession that always retains its value;   You can realistically earn a return of4.5% – 9%;
  • Owning and letting readily marketable property is fun, as long as everything is arranged properly;
  • Property can be sold at any time;
  • Readily marketable properties are available for almost any budget,if necessary partly financed by a loan.


Care-free investment in real estate? Get an expert.

Once you have decided to buy a property to generate income via letting, you need an expert. Why?

  • Buying the ‘right’ property is crucial to earning a care-free and optimum return;
  • There are several laws, regulations and aspects you need to take into account, such as the housing evaluation system and Residential Tenancies (Rent) Act, landlord levy, security of tenure, service costs, tax issues and tenancy agreement models;
  • The reach and expertise of a specialist rental estate agent is also essential to contracting the right type of tenant;
  • The contractual aspects need to be 100% in order, and that requires knowledge;
  • In the case of a box 3 investment, the tax authorities stipulate that tasks relating to your investment must be contracted out.

Interhouse has over 19 years’ experience and 10 offices throughout the Netherlands. Our expertise ranges from the correct purchase at a reasonable price, via an optimum return from the proceeds of letting to the care-free management of your property. Are you interested in talking to one of our experts, without obligation and free of charge? Please fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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