Rent a housing agent

You are looking for a professional estate agent who will actively search the market for a suitable property and will mediate on your behalf to rent this under the most favourable terms and conditions.

How does this work and what will Interhouse Huur- en Verhuurprofessionals® do for you?

  • You start with providing a registration form in which you agree to our mediation conditions;
  • An inventory of your search profile: the type of residential property you seek;
  • We offer you suitable properties; our extensive network regularly enables us to offer properties to registered potential tenants even before they are advertised;
  • We present the properties in question to you so that you can obtain a clear picture of them and together we can decide which properties match your search profile and are worth viewing;
  • We accompany you on viewings of the selected properties which match your criteria and make any corresponding arrangements, if applicable with fellow estate agents;
  • Evaluation of viewings to see with which property we should start a negotiation;
  • We will negotiate with the estate agent on your behalf with respect to starting date, length of contract, rent and any specific stipulations;
  • We make every effort to have the landlord rent you the property; after all, it is ultimately the landlord who decides whether to rent you the property;
  • If agreement is reached, we ensure that the entire procedure is followed correctly;
  • We ensure a suitable tenancy agreement will be drawn up and that all that has been agreed is in it;
  • We ensure all the parties will sign the tenancy agreement without delay;
  • We ensure that the initial payment is made in good time with a view to preventing any delay in delivery;
  • We work towards delivery of the property and make the corresponding arrangements;
  • We are present at delivery of the property and inspect the property you have rented thoroughly;
  • We will make sure an extensive inspection report will be made. This may include meter readings, checks on the keys and the inventory.
  • We will make a digital photo report to document the state of the property at delivery;
  • We arrange connection to utilities in your name;
  • We check that the landlord has complied with all the stipulated criteria. If this is not the case, we act on your behalf to solve any problems as soon as possible;
  • You will also have access to all the resources we deploy in order to provide you with a high-quality service. Our professional employees, a representative office, modern modes of transport, means of communication and of course our wide network are all at your disposal;
  • The rights and obligations of a tenant are extensive. Information about things like maintenance of the property, service costs, rent legislation, subletting and much more can be found on this government page.

Fees for renting an agent:

If we find you the right residential property and you do indeed rent it, you pay us a one-off fee of one month's rent plus 21% VAT, based on the asking rent price of the rented property. Interhouse Huur- en Verhuurprofessionals®.

The following documents are mandatory for a mediation on your behalf:

  • Original and valid ID;
  • Original proof of your financial situation, i.e. a job contract, recent salary statements and/or a recent employer statement. If you have your own business, you must provide a recent and original extract from the Chamber of Commerce and an original auditor's report;
  • An original reference from your current landlord may also be required.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • No longer spent time searching the market and/or internet;
  • You are offered properties before they are advertised;
  • We check the terms and conditions, so no disappointment at a later date;
  • Efficient viewing planning;
  • Professional representation in negotiations; 
  • Detailed checks on provided tenancy agreement;
  • Access to expertise of a highly-experienced rental estate agent;
  • The best property under the most favourable terms and conditions.

Our general terms and conditions apply to all Interhouse Huur- en Verhuurprofessionals® activities.

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